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Weekend en famille à La Pierre Saint-Martin

Plus qu’une journée ski classique, nous avons choisi de partir un weekend à La Pierre Saint-Martin dans les Pyrénées pour une nouvelle expérience en famille. Balade en chiens de traineaux, sortie raquette, premières traces avec les pisteurs… on vous dit tout !

Sleeping on site, in ski resort, allows you to fully enjoy the weekend, to soak up the surroundings, take the time and discover new activities off ski. Coming from the Landes or the Basque Country, even if it takes only 2 hours to get to La Pierre St-Martin (2h10 / 140 km from Bayonne), book accommodation on site so you do not have to go ’round trip in the same day is rather a good option. The idea might be to go less often to ski but stay longer to enjoy it better, does it speak to you? The Pierre St-Martin is well known for its village cottages with unique charm, one more reason to succumb to the pleasure of sleeping there. Thus, with our children of almost 5 years and 1 year, we chose to divide the weekend into two very different days.

Sled dogs and snowshoes in the forest of Braca

Today, ski resorts are redoubling their efforts by diversifying their services to meet more needs and budgets. The La Pierre Saint-Martin resort has a Nordic space, a true enchantment, located in the magical forest of Braca. The space is 1500 m above sea level, 2 km before reaching the station of La Pierre. Shuttle buses can get you there easily.
With 25 km of slopes, you can walk freely, snowshoe, walk or cross-country ski. It is a paradise for children or less passionate about skiing, here we take the time, we try other snow sports and we discover the mountain and the joys of snow otherwise.
You will find on the spot what to rent snowshoes (including special models for children), poles for Nordic walking, fat bikes, cross-country skis and toboggans …

Pyrenex Authentic Down Jacket , Quiksilver Summit Glasses , Pipolaki Beanie. Lafuma baby carrier (more available), similar to this Chicco model.

Best of all, dog sled rides are also available in this northern space, plunging you into a real Canadian setting par excellence. Do you prefer to be seated in the sled or to drive your own hitch while being guided? It’s up to you to choose between these two services offered by Nordic’Espace. 1.5 km, 3 km and 6 km circuits are offered every day. You will find out more in this article about the different providers who offer dog sled rides in the Pyrenees .

The sled dog experience is really fabulous, it allows access to the heart of the snowy forest.

Vous pouvez rendre visite à la quarantaine de husky qui vivent sur ce site. S’ils ne sont pas en activité, ils dorment chacun dans leur petite niche. L’expérience en chiens de traîneaux est vraiment fabuleuse, elle permet d’accéder au coeur de la forêt enneigée à travers un circuit sillonnant les vastes forêts de sapins. Les chiens obéissent au doigt et à l’oeil, on admire la complicité entre le musher et sa meute. Jean-Michel Morin vous parlera avec passion de ses 30 années de mushing dans les Pyrénées, de ses chiens, ses traineaux qu’il réalise lui même, tout comme les harnais et les niches. Un métier passionnant.

Un resto à La Pierre Saint-Martin : passage obligé !

If you are not the kind of lunch to ask you at the restaurant but you are used to quickly swallow a sandwich on the slopes to lose nothing of the day of skiing, have the time, the evening, to « make a restaurant » is rather beneficial. To you the good Raclette or fondue Savoyard which, after so much effort, will be more than well deserved. You will find very good restaurants in La Pierre with homemade food, we can advise you Spatulas and forks or the Cayolar but a tip, book in advance. If you have not had the time, do not worry, most restaurants in La-Pierre offer all their takeaway. Good to know. At lunchtime, eat at altitude in La Palombière .

Ski in the resort of La Pierre St-Martin

Want to make the first traces?

What a pleasure in the morning by opening the shutters to face the snowy mountain. But no time to lose because we decided this morning to test a particularly attractive service offered by the station … the one to have the privilege of making the first traces with trackers on snow just groomed, what a treat! The animation is offered free of charge by the resort, just know it, and book the day before at the box office. The rendezvous with the trackers is at 8:30 to board the first ski lifts. For a ski in peace, think of paying your ski pass directly on the N’PY site by rechargeable N’Py card, so you avoid the queue in the morning at the counter.

La Pierre St-Martin, paradis des enfants

Il fait beau, la neige est fraîche et on savoure les splendides panoramas et la vue à 360° qu’offre la station. Ce que j’aime particulièrement à La Pierre St-Martin : ses vues aérées et ses pistes qui serpentent des forêts de sapin.
Cet après-midi on ski en famille avec notre fils. Nous avons laissé notre fille de 10 mois à la Garderie qui accueille tous les enfants de 3 mois à 5 ans et de 9h à 17h. Un vrai bon plan !

Ce que j’aime particulièrement à La Pierre St-Martin : ses vues aérées et ses pistes qui serpentent des forêts de sapins.

Casque, masque et gants de ski Quiksilver 

Here children are kings, with a discovery space particularly well laid out, a carpet in a tunnel to go up, tracks that pass between the trees and the MoonWalk track that has made its effect, with boxes, bridges and hands to hit on funds sound and series of whoops and banked turns!

All the information for your stay in La Pierre St-Martin

N’PY ski pass
We highly recommend the N’Py card, which costs 35 € and offers many advantages: no checkouts or reloading, 15% discount on weekends and holidays and 30% week (until 40% for families).
Download the N’Py Ski app to make your skiing easier: reloading packages, booking stays, renting equipment, skiing lessons …
If you do not have the N’PY card, at least recharge the day before on the site N’PY your package on a rechargeable card to avoid the checkout in the morning.
Normal price day pass at La Pierre St-Martin: 35,50 € / N’PY No’Souci card 24,85 € (excluding school holidays) and 30,20 € (weekend and school holidays).

Accommodation in La Pierre St-Martin
We recommend you to go through the N’Py accommodation offers or on the La-Pierre St-Martin site .

Activity Sled Dogs 
Nordic ‘Space of La Pierre St-Martin / Tel:
Daily from 9h to 12h and from 14h to 17h.
Sledding baptism including one adult and one child per sled. Circuits of 1.5 km (30 € / pers), 3 km (40 € / pers) and 6 km (80 € / pers), 1h (130 € / pers). Driving your own team with guide: circuit 3 km (60 € / pers), 6 km (120 € / pers), 1h (160 € / pers).

First Traces 
The station offers free to make the first traces at 8:30 and open the tracks with trackers who will teach you the basics of the trade. You must register the day before 16h at the ticket office.

The Bear’s Daycare
Reception for children from 3 months to 5 years old from 9h to 17h (at the fixed hours of 9h, 11h, 13h and 15h). Every day from December 15th to April 15th.
Prices: 2h: 11 € / 4h: 17 € / 6h: 22 € / 8h: 25 € – 6 half-day package: 85 € / 6 day package: 125 €.
Tel: / mail:
Be careful remember the health record to prove that your child is up to date with his vaccines otherwise they will not take it.

Secretariat number to book activities:
Tourist Office number for all inquiries:


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